Thursday, June 28, 2007

ramblings of the day

I have a ton of ramblings for today

first huggies diapers advertise that they ae baby shaped for comfort -- what other shapre would they be?? do something other than babies were them and i am just not aware? silly me to think that diapers wouldn't be baby shaped.

Owen's swing finally came today -- silly company snet me the snugrider instead of the snugglider -- they shouldn't name things so similar -- they both fit the snugride carseat but one is a stroller and the other a swing. He is currently swinging away wide awake but now a swack out of him

I am also annoyed that i bought Mike some new release CD's and the company didn't mail them out until they were already releases -- that annoys me because i would have gone and bought them the day they were released if i had known they wouldn't deliver them right away.

The scale is down another pound today even though i know it is impossible to lose 2 pounds in 2 days i still like seeing the lower numbers.

I need to find a missing DVD but i don't know if we lost it or if blockbuster did -- i suppose i should figure out which one it even is.

i chased down the neighbors lawn service today and got them to mow my lawn also -- yeah -- mikey doesn't have to do it anymore. They are going to mow it every other week for $50 a time -- not bad if you ask me to not have to worry about it

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