Friday, June 29, 2007

so sad

I went to get my haircut today -- i was supposed to get it cut before Owen came but as we all know he came a little early. so I was going to this new place in town and i scheduled for today and took Owen with me knowing he would sleep the whole time and hopefully the hairdresser wouldn't mind. Well she did a wonderful job and was really sweet but in talking to her i found out that she had a stillbirth in March -- I felt so bad for bringing Owen in at that point. Having gone through a loss of my own I know how painful it can be and i was no where near that far along. She was really sweet and asked me lots of questions about him and said that they were trying again.

LORD I remember the months between our loss and concieving Owen were the hardest for me. Please give Erica the strength to carry on and i pray that your Will will be done in her life. I praise you for the things that you have given me and for the wonderful blessing of Owen. I pray that other women suffering from loss and infertility will someday know the love of a child. Amen

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