Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My husband is a commuter - he takes the train into the city and back everyday. He has 'train friends' and normally i am pretty amused with the happenings going on in the train community. That's really after all what it is a community. The same people travel on the train approximately at the same time everyday for an extended period of time, meaning over an hour.

There are times that I have to drive Mike to the train in the morning like this morning since his car broke yesterday. It always amuses me the people that run to the train everyday. I am not talking about the occasional person who is running late for some unknown reason. I am talking about the people that run late everyday and run to the train everyday - sometimes making it and sometimes not. The y come screeching into the parking lot almost taking out anything in their path, get out of their vehicles already running.

I used to drive past the station as the last express morning train left and for three weeks the same guy missed his train everyday - now because of the time in the morning there wasn't another train for over an hour.

It seems to me that the train leaves at the same time everyday and since we are at the beginning of the line it really doesn't change - in fact they give the commuter a good 10 minutes to get on the train before it leaves. So maybe I should sneak into all those peoples houses and set their alarms 10 minutes early so that they can actually make the train on time

Or if you are Mike maybe I should just not let him hit the snooze button - because I am pretty sure he is one of those people :)

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