Monday, June 9, 2008

First Day OFF

WOOHOO - of course i didn't get to sleep in - Owen doesn't know what summer is so normal wake up time applies. We are sitting here enjoying a nice leisurely morning.

We had a great weekend.Even though our yard has turned into a meadow instead of a yard. I was planning on mowing the Tuesday and it was already long at that point. Here is what happened - Mike broke his wrist awhile back and can't help with much of anything because they decided not to cast it because it took him so long to get x-rayed. so he has it in a splint and can't do anything to jar it. SO Monday nights we play softball and I managed to throw out my back. SO this week neither of us were in shape to mow. Then it turned into torrential downpour for the rest of the weekend. My neighbor is probably freaking out because he was mowed his lawn twice in the time that mine has not been mowed.

Lessons learned this weekend

don't put on lip gloss before eating - especially one that has flavor

shots of Bourbon hit me like a lead ball on - especially when followed by normal drinking

the grass is always greener 10 years later

You can never again be one of the boys after you marry one of the boys

leaving the headlights on in the car makes the battery die

trying set set up sister with guy from college great idea because her new boyfirend doesn't really exist until we have met him

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