Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little sleep needed

Oh my goodness. I can't believe i slept so much today - Of course we were up before 6 again this morning but barely. Owen and I drove Mike to the train just in time for him to make his normal train - of course we were the ones running today :)

I was so exhausted for no particular reason - I am going to blame the lawn mowing yesterday since our yard was a meadow. I put Owen down for his nap around 8:30 and went to crawl back into my own bed. I turned on the Today show just for good measure but woke back up at 10 only a few minutes before i heard my son in his crib saying UT oh.

I suggest every teacher take a nice long nap after a long school year. I feel much better today but really need to get the house in better shape. After all I am home all day. Why do I feel guilty when I am chasing around a 1yr old who apparently must have jets attached to his bottom. He is still no where near walking but he can definitely crawl and fast.

I was trying to teach him the correct way to crawl down the stairs this morning. I was on the stairs and he was at the top and i was trying to tell him to turn around and come feet first on his tummy. He decided he didn't like that idea and launched himself headfirst at me - needless to say the baby gates will remained locked at all times and we will wait a little longer before that lesson.

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