Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Night without the baby

Crazy idea I know but for only the fourth time since Owen was born we had an evening to ourselves without a child in tow. It was Mike's 30th birthday and he had no idea that i had set up a sitter and night out.

we went to a restaurant, had beverages, wings talk of sports, a real man's night considering the only thing on at the sports bar was the NBA draft. It must be love if I am willing to sit through that,

Of course getting out of the house was a difficult task as it is. 15 minutes prior to the babysitters arrival, Owen poured Apple Juice all over himself and then rolled around in dog fur. SO GROSS. So off to the bath - i put on one of mike's tshirts over my oufit since i was already dresses and ready to go and gave my son a bath. So if nothing else the sitter had a clean baby to deal with.

I highly reccomend a date night to all new parent and sometime before the 1st birthday

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