Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not much going on here today

We have plans for later but there hasn't been much going on here in the last day. Owen AKA 'the flirt' has a blast when we go to visit the chiropractor. He loves the secretaries there. Well I take that back he loves any pretty girl he sees. We went to the grocery store yesterday and he was flirting with the bag girl.

The flooding around here is getting pretty bad - Luckily we will be the last house under water but our neighbors to the east are pretty well under water at this point. The park by the station is under several feet of water - it wasn't that bad the other night when we went there to swing. We drove past this morning on our way to the train station and it was definitely flooded.

Owen's new favorite trick is to crawl into the dog's area which is behind a big recliner in our house. So we have been working on ways to teach him t stay out - He doesn't like the word 'no' but it kinda amuses me when he starts crying when it is said.

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