Friday, June 13, 2008


So we went to McD's yesterday to grab dinner on our way to volleyball. I got a happymeal for me/owen to share but I also had a banana and some cheese for him and I wanted a knife and fork to cut it up. So I ask the nice drive through man for some silverware -

he gives me a blank look

May i have a fork and knife to cut up the babies food

the nice drive through man says NO and closes the window

(on cue from the back is Owen "ut oh"

we already had all of our food and this point and i was tempted to drive away and forget about it but I was a little shocked that he told me no - so I sat in the drive through staring at the people trying to get someone to come back to the window - as they all tried to appear busy and ignore me

Finally a blond haired teenager spots me from across the resurant and comes over and opens the window
"Hey I speak English what do you need?"

"I just need a fork and a knife"

At which point the kid grabs me the silverware as he makes fun of the drive through guy for not knowing what i needed.

So in the end I got my silverware and Mike and I had a good laugh.

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