Friday, June 27, 2008


Is my new favorite word

So we set up a skype account, downloaded the program onto our macbook and presto chango suddenly we can talk to grandma and grandpa online. Auntie Laura is still working out the video kinks on their end but they could see and hear us and we could see them. Owen loved talking to everyone and was very entertaining if nothing else to us.

He chatted them up - pretending to cry "walked around the table" - laptop camera are good at following movement - played with cookie monster and read a book before saying goodnight to everyone.

Next mission

-buy two copies of the same book and send one to grandma to read and one for Owen to read -

I have no idea why i didn't think of this idea sooner. Seriously it was great. Mikes parents are headed out to buy a camera and microphone too to talk to Owen. I am sure they are just as excited as my parents.

BEST PART OF ALL IT IS FREE!!!! i love free :)

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