Friday, June 6, 2008

Tears the last day -

Being a teacher it always amazes me the students crying the last day of school. They act like they will never see their friends again. Now all the students live within a 5 mile radius and there is no reason they shouldn't keep in contact over the summer. But as the buses are trying to pull away today here we are prying kids apart and trying to get them to head toward their bus before they miss it. The girls are crying hysterically and hugging the life out of each other. Didn't they just spend 9 months trying to get out of school and now that we want them to go home they want to stay here - weird

On the Owen front - We somehow managed to break the baby gate - I kid you not. We were stuck upstairs with the gate permanently locked. Well of course Mike is tall enough to step over the gate but I am not. SO I had to take apart the gate and buy a new one - Meantime Owen tried his very best to try and crawl headfirst down the stairwell. I think I would lose my mind if we did not have a gate installed.

i went and got the new gate this morning - started drilling holes int he wall and put up the gate - only to realize i drilled the holes in the wrong - Okay not really the wrong place but in the wrong place because of our baseboards. So there are a few extra holes in our wall - maybe Mike won't notice

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