Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where does the time go

I can't believe i haven't had a chance to blog lately.

New happenings in our life

My extended family is nuts (oh wait that is not new)

Mike is going to be 30 tomorrow!!

The bark collar works!

Apparently we have the best behaved dog at the new kennel

Owen covered himself in pizza tonight

Love my church not in love with its sound board at the moment (VBS rocks!!)

Owen loves a little girl who is 3 - She is our sitters daughter and he went nuts today when he saw her, he is going for older women already

I think girls should get to go to VBS two years longer than boys - the boys can't seem to handle it after 3rd grade.

Disabling a monitor driver is not a good idea - how do i fix it when i can't see anything??

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