Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!!

WOW we went to the longest parade ever yesterday. It was a good parade but it was hot and of course by the time we got to where we were going i realized Mike had left the sun shade for the stroller in the car. So we survived the parade with no sun shade for Owen - good thing I had slathered him in sunscreen before we left. So we get over to the park after the 2 hour parade and I offer to go get the sunshade so that Owen could sleep in the stroller. So Mike hands me the keys and I walk all the way back to the car and when I get to the car I realize that he has given me the wrong set of keys. Now I can not figure out why he even has the other set of keys on him but that is be side the point. So I had left Owen and Mike in the pavilion so I go back there to look for them. After searching for them for 10 minutes I finally find them near the llamas - gee why didn't I think to look there in the first place. Mike gives me the other set of keys and I go back and retrieve the sun shade for the second time. This time I go back to look for them by the llamas and they are no where to be found. I finally gave up after 10 minutes and stand next to the beer tent where they eventually find me. If you are lost I guess you should just stand in one place.

All in all we survived the hot weather of the 4th in tact - i got some sun but I don't burn. Mike mowed the lawn completely hammered after about 7 beers and probably got heat stroke but at least my lawn got mowed - long story there for another day.

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