Monday, July 7, 2008


I am exhausted!! yes I should not be on the computer right now I should be cleaning because my house is covered in dog hair from the shedding dog - I swear I just vacuumed. I managed to pick up all the toys at least so when Owen wakes up from his nap I can do the floors.

Owen has discovered the dog's food dish and for some unknown reason the dog has not been eating her breakfast which is usually gone before i am even fully awake - So Owen crawls over to his high chair and was hiding behind it - I know he is up to something so what do I find him chewing on - dog food. EEEEEWWW so gross - of course i take it away form him and he throws a fit. ugh so win situation.

Tomorrow is story time in the park - Owen's first little class - We have them twice a week for the next month- Mini madness and stories in the park. His babysitter is running the program so hopefully he does well.

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