Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you clean a toddler?

Owen LOVES food and loves feeding himself. It has become easier to let him feed himself because he is much happier to be left to his food. But everything goes in the hair at some point of the meal.

I have tried paper towel, I have tried washcloths - I think bath is the best option

So last night I made spaghetti. Definitely a bath night - I told Mike we should video conference his mom in as Owen ate the spaghetti but he gave me the mental image of his mom trying to take pictures of the computer screen of Owen painted red so we opted not to make more chaos than already existed.

Now the biggest problem is that even though the tub gets him the cleanest after meals, it is starting to get hard to bend over the tub as a pregnant lady. Did I mention I have the worst morning sickness? Had it for 6 months with Owen too. I think i am giving up on my dream of having a little girl

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