Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am just getting into this summer thing

It is so sad as the summer fades away and i am finally enjoying it a little. I have been so sick for most of July that I haven't enjoyed the time with my son the way I should have. Right now I am blogging form a stump in my yard as Owen plays with his new slide. He has spent the last hour climbing up it and sliding down on his belly - very cute if i do say so.

Today it has remarkable cooled off after a very short rainfall - it is now dry out and only 78 degrees compared to our normal 94. This makes mommy and baby very happy. hence us sitting outside for extended periods of time.

So today I got the official welcome back to the school year letter - the dreaded end f summer is coming. But there is good news, new teachers! Now parents may not get super excited about their child having a new teacher that they know nothing about but remember this, there is probably good reason the old teacher left. In this case I am super excited because the two teachers that were very difficult for everyone to get along with have left. This will make the entire staff happy. We also had some sad goodbyes with retirements of two very good teachers and they will be missed but we hope that the new teachers can find a place in our school.

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