Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is a game mommy

I have come to terms that my son would walk but it is all a game to frustrate me. He has been standing for longer periods of time though. He will 'walk' if he has a finger to hold on to. He just needs to be touching something but refuses to walk by himself. He is 14 months and i need him to walk because he is getting heavy and i don't know how far into this pregnancy I will be able to carry him. YES I know he is a preemie but still it is time to walk especially when I know he can really do it.

okay enough of that vent - pregnancy crabbiness must have taken over.

Mike had his first guitar lesson last night and lo and behold he came home wanting a new guitar - I knew this was going to happen I should have predicted it. He also wanted some big poster of the Beatles that he was scoping out on eBay. I thought he just decided we need to cut back on expenses - especially because we bought a new flat panel TV the day before we found out about little bean.

We will get to see little bean next week when I go in for my ultrasound to find out when little bean is do. Prayers always welcomed. I hate the 8 week ultrasound only because that is when we found out the first pregnancy was not going to fulfill our dreams of a child. So it is a really scary time for both of us.

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