Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay when we first bought a house it was decided that mike would shovel if I would mow - I am good with that but at the time we had a much smaller yard. So somehow this year we got a snow blower making the snow shoveling much easier - we also had the winter that it snowed non-stop. So I think I did my fair share of snow blowing considering we hired someone to mow last summer because i had a brand new preemie at home.

So i was doing great keeping up with the lawn this summer - well i until I got pregnant. I can't mow when preggo. Mike doesn't like it and my mom freaks out that i mow when i am not so it isn't worth giving her a heart attack (she already has a bad heart)

So that brings us to today - Mike was supposed to mow this weekend - he never got to it - we had softball Monday - not sure why he didn't do it yesterday but I wasn't going to be the nagging wife. Today he has guitar lessons and a massage - probably needed after the softball game Monday.

The guy that did our lawn last year rings the doorbell and asks if I want the lawn done - more like PLEASE just let me mow it - Okay I gave in - It was worth the $50 to get it done plus they weed wack too which has only been done once this entire summer. So I wrote him a check and 40 minutes later my lawn was done -
Won't Mike be surprised when he comes home :)

I think this might have to be an expense we are just going to have to live with - maybe it will replace my target and loft shopping obsessions - beside i have no need for new clothes now until after this baby comes - although i do need a new stroller

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