Monday, July 28, 2008

life with owen +1

I think it is finally hitting me that owen isn't going to be the only child in this family.
YIKES!!! What were we thinking - a one year old who refuses to wlak and now we are going to have a second child. YIKES

My friend called me last night and the second thing she asked was if i was pregnant - apparently she had a dream - lol - so the secret is escaping

I am going to need to tell me boss but since i am a teacher it will have to wait till the first week of school. I am not really looking forward to this year - we have had such a nice relaxing summer - Somedays I wish I could be a stay at home mom - but i guess i should have thought about that before i got my masters degree in administration. Mike wants to be a stay at home dad as soon as i become a principal, we will see what happens in the future

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