Wednesday, July 9, 2008

news news i have news

I can't sleep right now. Mike is snoring, Owen is making lots of little noises in his sleep and the dog apparently doesn't sleep.

The reason that I can't sleep -- shhhh it is a secret - pretty sure no one in the family knows about this blog so IF YOU DO AND YOU ARE reading this no spilling of secrets, no telling anyone else and i don't want to know you know.

Owen is going to be a big brother!! So I am stuck in the first trimester exhausted all day and wide awake at night phase along with can't stand the smell of food.

I have no clue when i am due and i go in for an ultrasound next week Friday for dating and hopefully to see a nice strong heartbeat Dr is estimating Feb due date probably toward the end of the month.

Okay I am going to try to sleep again

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