Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh I feel like a woman

Oh yeah - I went shopping today - by myself, dressed up , looking nice - wow

My friend had her bridal shower today and i took the opportunity to shop before and after because i was childless. I am in the wedding so taking Owen with me would have been a little difficult.

SO I was dressed up, in heals, makeup, etc and went to a nice shopping district and it was nice.

Although I miss my little guy and I have been home now for over an hour and my boys are MIA. We had a softball game that got rained out that we had to makeup today but they only had 4 innings Left to play and it started at 5 and now it is almost 7 - things that make you go hmmm. I have cleaned the entire lower level and am about to clean the upper but wonder where they are because I know Owen hadn't eaten dinner yet - YIKES! I hope they just went out to eat.

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