Friday, July 11, 2008

Super secret blog

My husband think I am always writing in my super secret blog - He things it is a place where i trash talk him. He cracks me up - I am checking on how much a sweet guitar that he wants is and he says to me "Stop writing about me in the super secret blog of yours"

Okay it is not really super secret and I don't really trash talk him. But it is a place for me to write about the random things that happen in my life. Don't worry this will get a lot more interesting once the school year starts

Random things that happen in a middle school in any given day

boys bathroom floods and students to blame write his name on the mirror - they don't quite get the getting away with it part yet

the mouse balls are stolen from all of the mice in the computer lab - seriously stop being cheap and buy laser mice

Student calls teacher a ***** and is sent back to class within 10 minutes of being in the office.

Just some random offering to think about and I little reminder to me of what i have in store for me

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