Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do I watch these shows??

I swear every woman on the baby story has a c-section - It just annoys me for some reason - maybe because I hope i never have one and the more i see them the more it annoys me. You keep having the statistics about how many more women have c-sections these days and I don't really understand why - i love my dr for the fact that they are not that way. In fact the other day he was telling me about the new dr who does not help with deliveries but does assist with c sections and then in the same sentence told me i wouldn't need one of those -

Bringing home baby - where do they find some of these people - seriously annoyed with the couple where the dad will never change a diaper - or the couple that doesn't have enough money to buy a car or have a hospital birth but think they can afford a baby - seriously. Or yesterday there was one where the dad was on house arrest in a different house?? I just can't into a show like that - maybe they should be showing them to the teens on the baby borrowers. Yikes another show I should definitely not watch - I can understand turning over your preteen or teen but a baby - yikes - obviously all those moms formula feed because there is no way you take a nursing baby away from mommy for three days.

Okay end rant

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