Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best day ever!!!

Mike played hooky from work on Friday - okay he took a vacation day. We went out to breakfast after sleeping in and had a great meal at our favorite breakfast spot. Owen ate a whole pancake and sausage.

Then we headed up to the zoo. We had a great time at the zoo for about 2 hours - Since we have a zoo membership it doesn't bother us too muh to only spend the morning there. So at about 1 we headed back home. Owen and I immediately fell asleep as soon as the car started moving - good thing I wasn't driving.

We needed to go south and west to get home. I woke up and we were headed east - hmmm. I went back to sleep. Well when I woke up we were headed toward lake Michigan. Mike decided to go to a park in our old college town. We ended up on the beaches of lake Michigan. I luckily had a swim diaper for Owen but we didn't bring a camera and weren't really dressed for the beach. After about an hour we headed to Walgreen's to stock up and head back to the beach. Best tip ever - dry the baby as much as possible and sprinkle with baby powder to get rid of the sand.

We had a fabulous family day and it was perfect weather out - high 70's and a cloudless sky. Mike isn't really a warm weather fellow but he was having a great time splashing in the water with Owen.

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