Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's so hard to type when your head is in the toliet

Really i have been a slacker simply because I am spending a majority of my time either in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

It is a good thing my son still naps because i am taking full advantage of nap time in the last month. What is a girl to do when school starts in a week.

So what is going on around here - hmmm - We are playing hooky tomorrow and going to the zoo - fun fun - remind me to locate all bathrooms upon entering zoo.

Next week is my friends wedding which I am in and i hope that my dress fits - well after losing pounds to morning sickness may help my cause. I am a little sad though because i won't get to drink and party with everyone and it is an open bar - every open bar wedding i have been too has taken place when i have been preggo - it is taunting me. ugh - We had planned on waiting until after this wedding to get preggo but God laughed at our plans and here we are :)

Goal for next week- tell my boss i am preggo

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