Monday, October 13, 2008

I am officially insane

Yes that is right I am insane. Tomorrow I go back to school as a student. I registered for two classes before the baby is born. I realized that If I finished two classes I get bumped to the next pay increase - so who couldn't use a raise in these economic times especially with a baby on the way. So I bit the bullet and signed up for classes, luckily they are online but this might infringe on my 8 pm bedtime or the fact that I am still sick with this pregnancy.

So the plan is to do a majority of the work after Owen goes to bed. I did take several classes when he was first born, but it was really easy to respond to an online message boards when he was sleeping and nursing.

So wish me luck I will try to keep up to date with the blog but if I disappear you know where I am - :)

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