Monday, October 6, 2008

oh my

that is about all I have to say after getting this email from a friend - i hope she doesn't mind me sharing because it is so funny

"This is how I know I teach 8th grade boys.

Today in homeroom the students were asked to write three goals one for career, one for wellness and one for family. Along with those three goals they were to write 7 ways they can help themselves reach that goal.

One of my boys wrote for family that his goal was to have a wife and 2 kids.
His seven ways he can help himself get here were the following:
Be social
be social
Be social
get a girl friend
practice getting to base 1
practice base 2
practice base 3

I guess since he got to base three he didn't need to go for the home run!

Yep and he read it aloud to the class so everyone could here how he was going to practice getting a wife and 2 kids.

It's fun having 8th grade boys."

I am thinking that we shouldn't let him date our daughters

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