Friday, October 3, 2008

To where do i send curdling milk

Okay so today is a rare exception to the normal mommy day. I usually have Owen with me by this time and am busy trying to clean the house and get dinner ready - I get to go out tonight and I had to leave before my lovely man of the house would arrive home so Owen is still at the sitters - what I noticed when I awoke this morning already (rushed because of a field trip I didn't know I was going on until yesterday) - Little boys highchair still had food and the half sippy cup full of milk that he was working on when I left him with daddy dearest last night. SO in other words my hubby left the dirty highchair with curdling milk. SO i could be the nice wife and clean up his mess so when he gets home with little boy he can feed him. BUT i think it would be a better lesson if I left it. You see dear hubby will come home later than normal having to pick little boy up and realize HE was the one to leave it a mess and he has no one to blame but himself.

He does this a lot and I think it is only fair that he sees what i have to do with the curdling milk he leaves me as presents - Think pregnant lady, weak stomach, and curdling milk - you get picture

Now I am off for a wonderful girls night

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