Friday, November 21, 2008

28 days to go!!

Owen went back tot he surgeon today -She scheduled the sate for him to get his cast off. I saw an xray of his leg for the first time. I never got to see any of the other ones. I can se why they are making such a big deal out of his injury. I almost cried seeing how bad the break was and this is after it has already started to heal. Both the nanny and I just starred at the image - it was incredible, poor little guy. Nanny went into the xray room with Owen since I could not :( He screamed a little when they made her take a step away to take the shot.

They added some tape to his cast and we were off. I was back at school by third hour. It took longer to drive back and forht then the actual appointment which is good. Mike will take him in to get his cast off in 4 weeks. It just happens to be the day before Christmas vacation and I am not allowed to use it as a vacation or sick day according to my contract.

we love the nanny - She is wonderful with him and we would love to keep her if we could afford it. But we are paying her twice what we paid the sitter. Don't get me wrong I loved the sitter too but there is a definite difference when he has one on one attention and gets to stay home to play with his toys and dog. I don't think I could afford to work to pay for a nanny - Although with another child coming it does make me wonder what would be better in the long run

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