Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Momma

I am now the poor crazy mom at the dr that always thinks her son has an ear infection
Fact - my son is super cranky. okay he is stuck in a body cast

fact I cleaned his ears last night during his sponge bath
fact today his ear was all crusty and looked like it was draining

So as a good mommy would i took him to the DR - no ear infections looks perfectly healthy minus the body cast


I did however make it to the DMV to get the handicap placard - which they almost wouldn't give us because there was one line not filled in by the dr. She did not write in diagnosis. Lucky for me I had brought my body casted boy with me and I think the DMV lady took pity on the pregnant lady with a child in a body cast and wrote it in herself but first she gave me attitude like she wasn't going to give it to me. Of course I did get the lecture about how the placard is in his name and we are not to use it without him present - yada yada yada - if i don't have a wheelchair to unload I am not planning on using it DUH.

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