Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That's my happy little cast boy. He has been having so much fun today army crawling around the house and getting into anything he can reach. he loves the Christmas tree we got. It is 3 feet tall and the perfect height for a child on the floor. he is napping right now and I am trying to get some school work done but I felt the need to blog about the little boy. I missed him terribly the last two days when I had parent teacher conference until after he was in bed every night. Today and tonight is Mommy and Owen time. Mike has guitar lesson tonight - Although Owen and I might take a big adventure this afternoon and go to the store because we are almost out of toilet paper and milk - two very essential things in this home.

Mike gave me my Christmas gift last night - I am SO excited. It is a new digital camera - see the new picture. We didn't really have one - just our really big video camera and I wanted something I could throw in my purse. He got me a Nicon coolpix and it is tiny. It is also blue which I love, would have gone for pink but since I am surrounded by boys and I want them to actually use the camera blue over ruled. I suppose I can give him his gift tonight - since I got him a new case for his guitar - he had a gig bag and wanted a hard shell case. He already knows it is in the closet so he might as well use it. We can never seem to wait until Christmas - oh well this year we didn't even make it till Thanksgiving.

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