Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In other news

I am once again completely insane taking on a grad school class while trying to be wife, mom, caregiver, pregnant lady, etc. usually these classes are fairly simple and I don't have much problems with them - this one is going to kill me though. I emailed the professor on Saturday night with a question - remember this is an online class so they actually do work weekends - and he still has not gotten back to me. UGH - So basically I had to contact my counselor because I can't afford to do poorly in this class because the professor won't answer my questions.

I have parent teacher conferences this week. Last night I was there till 8pm and tonight I have them until 8 pm too. Owen SHOULD have been asleep when I got home but he was in his crib laughing and playing having a grand old time. Apparently he didn't nap much yesterday for Mike either. I think Mike is glad to be back at work today. The nanny will watch him this afternoon until Mike gets home. She wasn't available yesterday.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, YEAH for good food! this pregnant lady is going to eat her share of food!

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