Friday, November 7, 2008

life just got a little bit interesting

Well Owen fell down a few stairs at the sitters on Monday afternoon and has a sprial fracture in the femur bone

Owen had surgery and is in a full cast from foot to hip over to the other leg with a stability bar in between. It is called a hip spica cast. He has a wheelchair. He can not sit in a car seat and has this harness to strap him laying down in the seat - he is too big for an infant car bed.

We have to double diaper him between the cast. So basically the cast has a cut out around his boy parts, we have to put a size 2 diaper tucked into the cast and then put a size 4 diaper over the top of the cast

He will be in the cast for about 6 weeks. I am technically not supposed to lift him - he is currently 30+ pounds with his cast. I am 6 months pregnant nd with my history of preterm labor we don't know what we are exactly going to do.

So technically I am currently on a 6 week FMLA leave as of this afternoon. BUT as long as I give 2 days notice I can return to work at anytime. We are currently waiting for our hospital case worker to see if we qualify for nursing care. My dr and Owen's dr signed off on it now now we just need the insurance and our case worker to figure out if we will really qualify and what that will look like for the next several weeks.

Otherwise I have a few leads on a nanny type situation - One girl just finished student teaching in my district. So for a temporary position it may work out well.

Mike has finally admitted that it is not the best situation for having me be the sole caregiver with my history of preterm labor. He took Owen to the dr today by himself and had a hard time

We did get the forms for a handicapped placard - I have to go to the dmv tomorrow to get it. This will make things a little easier since i am preggo and have a child in a wheelchair plus it is about to be winter.

The only issue we are really having is that I can only take a combined 12 week leave between Owen and my maternity leave SO the sooner i go back to work the better

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