Monday, November 10, 2008

My new life as a SAHM

Well at least for the meantime.

random thoughts of the day - PBS is driving me nuts - seriously i think I have seen all of the shows at least twice in the last week. Now keep in mind since my active 18 month old can not move we are watching LOTS of TV. I feel like a bad mom but if it makes him happy at this point I don't really care. Although when he naps CNN seems to be calling because i need adult noise for a little while

I have gotten the diaper change down to 10 minutes - well that if if he doesn't leak, What an improvements form 20 minutes.

We are still trying to get a car seat - apparently it may not be medically necessary according to the insurance company. UMMM I am not sure what planet they live on but a car seat is kinda necessary - so needless to say we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Owen is doing really well considering everything he has been through. He is such a happy kid and his vocabulary is expanding every day since he can't go and get the toy that he wants.

The dog is driving all of us nutso. Love her dearly but she is constantly in the way and underfoot.

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