Thursday, November 13, 2008

new ways to entertain??

I need new ways to entertain Owen.

yesterday I think I bored him into crankiness - today's mission is to find new entertaining ways to keep him busy.

We have an interview with a girl tonight for a possible nanny situation - I really hope it works out because we really need someone to watch him starting on monday. I pray that Owen like her and we like her and she is wiling to take on the job.

On a side note the dog is constantly in the way and seems to be trying her hardest to make Mike upset. I know she only wants attention and she is getting ignored right now plus the icky wet weather doesn't help.

I got a message saying i needed to come into school and sing something - umm hello i was there for two hours yesterday - I am not taking Owen back out in this weather, I told my friend to forge my signature - seriously it doesn't matter at this point.

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