Sunday, November 30, 2008

We *might* make it out of the house twice in one week

I am debating taking Owen to church this morning. He loves all his little friends at church - of course if i take him I won't get to go into service since i will have to stay with him in the nursery. I am not mean enough to leave a child with a half body cast in the volunteer nursery. Mike is on sound today so he ha been there for over an hour already. So I have a half hour to get ready and go. I think i can i think I can

i haven't taken Owen out of the house by myself in over two weeks.

I have a ton of school work to do, my online class is bad, just plain bad. this class requires a group project, well apparently my group is full of morons who don't know how this whole thing works. i have been posting ideas, suggestions, parts of projects, etc and no one else seems to care this powerpoint presentation is due in 3 days!!! We have absolutely nothing accomplished. I am so annoyed.

Mike disappeared for several hours yesterday to go shopping - i thought when I sent him to the grocery store he would come home with groceries. Okay he did buy the 5 things I said we absolutely needed - but nothing else. He did buy himself a book and a dvd. He spent a majority of his time trying to find Christmas present for his parents and came home empty handed. If I had spent 3-4 hours shopping I would have all of Christmas done plus the grocery shopping.

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