Saturday, November 29, 2008

We survived Thanksgiving

We survived. We took Owen out into the wonders of the world in his fabulous harness/carseat. I hate not having a carseat for him I am just waiting until someone sees him laying down in the back seat in his harness and calls us into the police. There is a special car set they make for the hip spica cast but our hospital does not require a car seat so therefore insurance will not pay for it.

We don't take him out much to say the least. We did have a good time at the grandparents. We ate lots of food. It was wonderful and then i got home and morning sickness took over. I know everyone is thinking wait she is almost to her third trimester morning sickness is supposed to stop, right? I am one f the lucky few that gets it the entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough not to puke at all during labor though.

I missed all the fabulous shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Mike went into work since he has taken off a lot of time lately to be with Owen. I obviously can't take cast boy out into the scary shopping world - that would just be cruelty -although it would have allowed me to park in the handicap spots. I don't have much more to buy since we decided not to exchange presents on my mom's side. YEAH!! I am very happy about this, my dad didn't think anyone else would go for it and he suggested we lower the limit and then my uncle jumped in and said no present which is exactly what we wanted. so yeah! I would rather just spend the time with family and not worry about presents. Owen will still get gifts but no one else is under the age of 25.

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