Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that only mommy can handle everything. I really needed sleep this morning - Mike got to sleep in yesterday after having a late night out with friends - keep in mind I had not left the house since Wednesday since I can't take Owen anywhere. I took an exciting adventure to school to do work saturday morning. Woohoo

Well this morning I got up to go the bathroom when Owen woke up and talked loudly enough to make Mike go get him. Then I crawled or tried to crawl back into bed. Apparently Owen peed all over his cast and Mike needed my help. So now I am sitting ere in the living room with Owen and Mike has disappeared to the bedroom. I think he is getting ready for church which he does need to do because he is on sound today. Which means two thing he is going to be leaving all morning again and if I want to go to church I have to pack Owen up all by myself.

Also Owen was all smiles and giggles when Mike got him up this morning - since i wasn't really asleep but the minute I walk into the room his starts screaming momma and now I can barely make it to the kitchen without him freaking out. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day when I go back to work if he thinks the kitchen is far

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