Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 days left

The cast comes off in 2 days!! less than 48 hours!!! Stinky boy gets a bath soon. YEAH - I am so excited but i have so much to do before then
I need to pack a bag with clothes that fit him - He has only been wearing sicks and a t shirt for the last month and a half.
I am not even sure we have shoes that fit him -

I need to put the car seat back into the car

I need to clean and organize his new big boy room that he was supposed to move into a month ago.

I unfortunately have been using the big boy room as gift wrapping central so all the presents and wrapping paper are everywhere in there. I think I might use the pack n play to store gifts.

Must find energy and force Owen to take a nap in order to do all of these things

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