Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fever fever go away

So Mike's car didn't start yesterday, he didn't bother fixing it last night or even looking at it. I get that it was cold but now we are once again stuck at home.

It is not like we haven't been stuck at home for the last 7 weeks or anything. But here is the thing. Owen has been running a fever since Saturday and this morning it is 102 again. I would really like to take him to the Dr but i don't have a car and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Plus even if I didn't take him to the Dr I am all out of Tylenol. We ran out last night. I am also getting pretty close to running out of milk.

So here I am once again stuck at home with a sick child. I am exhausted because he got up all night and called for momma each time. He didn't really need or want anything. I think tonight I am going to suggest ear plugs for everyone during the night. He needs to learn to sleep on his own again.

I have not put him in the big boy bed at night because he isn't even sleeping in the crib so I think it would be counter productive - but it probably wouldn't make things any worse so maybe the big boy bed gets use tonight.

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