Friday, December 19, 2008

Free at Last!!

We left extremely early for the dr this morning and made good time despite the foot on snow on the ground since last night. We got there early for the appointment and they were able to see us immediately since everyone else cancelled their appointments. she said the only people that seemed to be making the trip were people getting casts on or off.

He DID NOT like the noise of the cast saw, but did great after they removed it. The nurse and the dr said they have never seen a kid not cry hysterically after it is removed. He was happy as a clam. (until i tried to put pants on him). He let the dr move his legs and hips without crying or squirming away.

He has had a rough day since being home. He slept int he car for awhile on the way home but never got a good nap. He has tried standing but is mostly army crawling around. His hips are very stiff and the dr said it may take him a day or two to get used to the fact he can move them again. He took a shower with Mike to rinse off. He is not sitting by himself real well yet so we opted against the bath until tomorrow.

We go back in three weeks to check on the rest of the healing and his range of motion before they decide on therapy or anything beyond this point.

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