Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was trying to clean up before our friends came over last night so I am running around putting things away , cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Mike takes out the guitar and opens the laptop o start playing Christmas music. He considers this watching Owen. Owen does like music but he was in no way watching him. I come into the kitchen and look over into the living room to see my 18 month old son completely torn the diaper basket apart and playing with scissors and nail clippers. OH you didn't see him 2 feet away playing with dangerous object, my bad I thought you were watching him.

So I finish doing a million things on my list and sit down with Owen to play with him. Mike hears car doors outside and suddenly decides it is time to do something in the house. I say something about how the dog needs to be put away . He heads down the hall to open the guest room so it warms up in case the new baby wants to sleep in the pack n play. Then yells down the hallways for me to put the dog away and answer the door - umm seriously I am 7 months pregnant and JUST sat down to play with my son. I said something to the affect of I can only do one things at a time as I am trying to get off the floor - He yells back something about how he only asked me to put the dog away - seriously, I just cleaned the entire house BY MYSELF.

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