Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I feel fantastic! We went to bed early - being exhausted from the many days of travel and Christmases Mike got up and left ofr work at 5 like normal. The next things I knew I was waking up relaxed and fully awake - I rolled over to look at the clock and it was 7:30!!!! Oh my - after looking in Owen's room to make sure he was still there and breathing I got up and logged onto the computer.
He woke up shortly later and is in a fabulous mood. We have a few things on our to do list this morning after we change out of our pj's, but no hurry

I do attribute the sleeping in to the fact that he never napped yesterday. My mom claims that I never napped after 18 months. I don't care if he isn't sleeping he did stay in his bed for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon talking to his stuffed dinosaur.

I have less than 9 more weeks to go before the new baby comes!! yesterday I got out the newborn and preemie clothes (hopefully we won't need the preemie ones). I got the car seat out and ready - I need to install the bases of the car seats into the cars on a warm day.

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