Sunday, December 21, 2008

When do we get to catch a break

So Owen has been out of his cast since friday morning. Obviously friday was a wash getting used to being able to move again. Saturday we woke up with a low grade fever but I thought it was just cause he had worked himself up into a frenzy. So the bad parents we are took him shopping all day - remember we haven't left the house in 7 weeks and christmas is only a few days away. We had a late lunch and that is when i realized he wasn't feeling well at all. He was feeling quite warm and trying to sleep on my hand in the high chair. By the time we got home none of us were feeling great and Owen was running a fever of 101. He promptly fell asleep in just a onsie on the floor, then a little later on top of me. We finally just put him in the crib and we all were in bed by 8:30. I think around 11 he came and snuggled with us until 3 am. crying off and on. at some point mike went and slept on the floor of the nursery. I got him at 6:30 and gave him some Tylenol and it seems to have brought his fever down a bit.

He really needs a bath, between sweating up a storm last night and i am pretty sure he peed through his diaper. Mike climbed back into bed so when he gets up we will bath the child. He is on the floor drinking pedialyte right now. I need to remember to buy another container of it for next time.

We are supposed to go up to my parents today for my moms birthday, but we will play it by ear and see what happens.

Poor little guy gets sick the minute he gets out of the cast, the weird thing is that all of us have it at the same time - weird that never happens. I can't even figure out where we would have gotten it form that we all caught it at the same time. Especially since we haven't left the house in awhile.

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