Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who was that toy for?

I don't think Owen needed or wanted it - or is even allowed to play with it. Owen got the central station geotrax for Christmas. Mike (and Owen) set it up to play last night. Okay Mike set it up telling Owen not to touch it. Owen aka Godizzila I don't think he ever really got to play with the toy but did spend some quality time with Dada while Dada played with it last night. I went upstairs to get some peace and quiet while the two boys watched the train go around and around the tracks. As Owen tried to take the train off and throw it across the room.

In other exciting news Owen slept the entire night in the big boy bed!!! Yeah - of course he woke up at his usual early hour of 6 when we wanted to sleep in. Mike climbed in bed with him and promptly fell asleep so Owen crawled out of bed and climbed into Mikes space in our bed. So I turned on cartoons for a little while then got up and made us breakfast. Mike is still sleeping in the big boy bed. :)

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