Friday, December 5, 2008


I am so excited - I called today to get an appointment scheduled to get my hair cut - i am really bad about making appointments and it usually is about three weeks to get a time I can go - since i have to wait for DH to get home at night or a Saturday - She actually had an appointment open tomorrow!! yeah - I really need to get it cut and my hairstylist is due a few weeks before me so I need to make sure i get it done before she goes on leave.

I had my prenatal massage yesterday and I got my haircut tomorrow - this is the most I have been out of the house besides work since Owen got hurt.

I am almost done with my grad school classes and can't wait

I have also been working hard on our family calendar for Christmas - I am almost done with it - now if I can just find a good picture of all four of us to make a Christmas Card. I am totally slacking this year. ugh

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