Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yes I am nesting - no surprise it finally got to me - I scrubbed our bathroom top to bottom - Mike is afraid to use ti now. But seriously it was gross. My hairy husband doesn't do a very good job cleaning up after himself when he shaves or cuts his hair. So there was hair EVERYWHERE - seriously gross. I told him he better start cleaning up after himself when he shaves - he thinks a beard might be a good idea now.

We finally shampooed the carpet in the living room. After having a child pretty much live on the floor for 7 weeks in a stinky cast it needed to be done and badly. It looks so much better now. We re-arranged some furniture and hung up a picture we had been talking about for over a year. We also moved a great deal of Owen's toys down to our lower level. I am reclaiming my liviing room for living.

Owen started walking again yesterday. It has been a great two days watching him toddler all over the house. He seems to finally be comfortable with his legs again. yeah for small miracles. He is sleeping better in his big boy bed and even napping some. We finally went from two naps down to one but it seems to be working out great.

Only one more day home with my little man until I have to go back to work - very sad but I do have a maternity leave coming soon :) Although not too soon. I am praying everyday that this one comes late.

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