Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beware the baby sock

yes beware the baby sock you have read right - my washer started smoking yesterday when I had about 20 loads to do, I got through one before it stopped working and started smoking. My dad can down today to fix it. Mike and him took the entire thing apart to get to the source of the problem a slightly burned baby sock that apparently got sucked into the pump. Needless to say baby socks are dangerous to my washer. Never thought about it before. I guess i should start putting them in one of those netted bags.

My dad thinks it got in between the two steel baskets when I was pulling the clothes out since my belly is so big right now I probably didn't notice it getting wedged in at the top of the basket.

Oh well I guess lesson learned - although it did happen to our babysitter a week ago so I guess I should have learned that one already.

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