Tuesday, February 24, 2009

don't eat the diaper!

things I thought I would never have to say in my lifetime. Owen has become big boy helper to mommy during the frequent diaper changes of an infant. He places the dirty diaper in the top of the diaper champ for me. The diaper champ is in the hallway between the two boys rooms so he runs to it places it in the top and runs back into the nursery to check on the baby. Well I still have to go and flip the diaper champ so the diaper goes inside because for some reason Owen can't figure that part out. Unfortunately if I forget to flip it over Owen brings me the diaper to show me that I forgot.

Last night I forgot and got comfy on the couch to nurse Logan, the phone rang, and I was in the middle of a conversation with my younger sister. Owen came out holding the diaper proudly to show me that I had forgotten but here is where it got interesting - try to get an almost 2 year old to bring you something when they don't really want to. I am stuck on the couch mid feeding and trying to coax Owen to give me the diaper, cell phone pressed to my ear with my shoulder. My sister is laughing hysterically as I start to yell not to put the diaper in his mouth. NONO the diaper is for wearing not for eating bring mommy the diaper - yucky gross eeeeew take the diaper out of your mouth - All the while Owen is smiling at me about 5 feet away thinking this is a great game mommy lets play again.

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