Tuesday, February 17, 2009

he bit me!

And no the child that bit me was not the one who was nursing,

Mike went tot he chiropractor last night and left me with the two boys for a very short period of time. I had Logan in my lap and had just finished feeding him. I was reclined in the lazyboy and Owen wanted to come visit me and baby. He was attempting to climb up onto the foot part of the chair and I was helping him up the best i could with one hand. He took a big old chomp right into my leg. He got a quick smack on his diapered caboose but I think me yelping in pain scared him more. He spent the next 15 minutes snuggling in tears with me and Logan. I am hoping this ends any biting episodes we may have.

Owen is currently playing basketball with his books. I am not so sure how long his basketball hoop it going to remain vertical as he keeps putting books in the basket - silly boy

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