Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am covered in spit up

Who came up with the myth that breastfeed babies can not over eat because I am telling you right now it is completely untrue.

Logan gorges himself then proceeds to spit it all up all over me, him, whatever piece of furniture we happen to be habitating. I am on outfit number three today and I think he is on outfit number four or five and it is only 4:30 - we still have quite a few hours left in the day,

So the question become how do you limit and not undernourished an infant? I seem to have this mastered at night because I am tired and only let me him for about ten minutes or less a side than put him back to bed and he has only been getting up about 2-3 times a night. I have been feeding on demand during the day and that obviously isn't working for either of us.

i think i need ti start keeping better track of when he is eating and start a schedule - Owen was a total schedule baby, but i didn't start that until about a month old.

i promise i did shower today and not just in spitup - so if i smell oh well

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